Arranging exposed particle.variables

Hi everyone,
Is there a way to arrange particle.variables when they display on the app? I can get them all to display fine, but they don’t display in the same order in the particle app as they do in my code. They seem to show up in a completely random order.

Basically, I’d like my particle.variables to appear in the order I exposed them in my code.
I can post code if necessary, but as variables are pretty straightforward I don’t know if that’s necessary?

which app? The online console… the iphone app… android app…

The iPhone app. Sorry, that was rather ambiguous.

Regardless of where they’re exposed, I don’t think the order at which you programmed them is taken into consideration. What specific need do you have to display them in a certain order?
If you’re developing an app of your own, you could be in full control of the order in which they appear.

Alright, thanks. The variables I’m exposing are related to eachother (they appear one after another on a physical display I’m making). I just thought it would be nice to see them in the same order on the app.

From the docs:

variables is a dictionary in which keys are variable names and values are variable types

Dictionaries in iOS are inherently unordered collections, and the code in the Tinker app doesn’t order them in any way, thus they are random. Even if the code ordered them, I don’t think there is a way to make the order the same as the way you exposed them (they could have been ordered alphabetically, for instance, but the current code doesn’t do that).

How are you populating this physical display with the variable names? I don’t see how what appears on that display is related to the Tinker variable list.

It’s no big deal. I’ve got integers that display on the device. I put them in the app so I can see what’s on the device when I’m not nearby.
It doesnt actually use the app in any way.