Argon reseting at random times with: RESET_REASON_UNKNOWN

I’ve been running a set of firmware recently updated to deviceOS 3.1.0 and I’m getting an incredibly errant reset that matches RESET_REASON_UNKNOWN. No particular action seems to trigger it, just my normal loop running in last state. It can take anywhere from 5 minutes to 45 minutes to occur. Short of posting firmware code (it’s quite extensive), is there a good way of diagnosing a unknown reset reason? Is there a change in OS v3.1.0 that might be causing something like this to crop up? I have a JTAG debugger but I’m pretty new to using it, would that be a useful tool for this situation?

Update: I’ve observed a SOS+14 on the last reset

Another update: I update the ArduinoJSON version from 6.17.3 to 6.18.3 and have been running for a few hours with no issue. I’ll mark this as resolved after running for another day with no issue.

Only remaining question would be: is there any reason an old version of ArduinoJSON would break on the 3.1.0 Device OS?

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