Argon Refusing To Connect Via 802.11g

I have a customer with Argon-based devices and the devices are getting kicked because they are not meeting the access point’s requirements. Specifically, the Argon seems to be exclusively replying with 802.11b (HS DSSS) at a data rate of 1Mbs instead of at the requested 802.11g at minimum of 12Mbs. This has been observed at least during authentication but likely otherwise as well.

The Argon/ESP32 explicitly supports 802.11g, but our customer is experiencing that not to be the case. What might be happening that is causing the Argon to continue to respond to the access points incorrectly? Anything I can do on my end or is the Argon just simply not going to be compatible with an 802.11g only network?

Not sure what version of ESP32 firmware the Argon has right now but I did see this related issue from 2019.

Interestingly, we were able to see an improvement in connection behavior by disabling band steering. It seems that (likely partly due to the low data rate attempts) that the Argon/ESP32 is timing out in the authentication process when the slight additional delay from band steering is introduced.

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