Argon & Photon issues after 1.5.0 upgrade

After device OS 1.5.0 upgrade, re-building the app from command line, my Argon app stopped working correctly. First indication was that the Argon’s SPI port (SPI1, configured as slave) stopped responding. If I flash firmware compiled the day before, same source code, device OS 1.4.4, all works ok.

I also noted that the localIP printed out by the new firmware is incorrect. This incorrect printout matches 100% with the SPI slave issue - so these point at a common issue somewhere in the compile / bootloader etc. chain. Moreover, the same incorrect print issue exists on Photon (haven’t had time to wire and check on the SPI port yet).

I am using command line compilation over the internet, not the Web IDE.

Even a trivial program like the following produces incorrect output.

#include “Particle.h”


UDP Udp;

void setup() {

waitFor(Serial.isConnected, 10000);

Serial.printf("Argon firmware version: %s", System.version().c_str());
uint32_t freemem = System.freeMemory();

Serial.print("Free memory in kB:"); //, freemem / 1000);
Serial.println(freemem / 1000);
Serial.print("IP address: ");


void loop() {


In this case, the Argon connects to wifi on the right IP address, but prints the address incorrectly:

From Serial output:
19:55:02.525 -> Argon firmware version: 1.5.0
19:55:02.525 -> Free memory in kB:39
19:55:02.525 -> IP address: 1

This IP address should be something like 192.XXX.YYY.ZZZ

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