Argon not shipping

I ordered a particle argon in November 7. I still have not gotten an email or any notification that it has shipped. I read on the particle website and it said that orders usually ship within two business days, but this has been way longer. It also said that an order might take a while if it was pre ordered, so I wondered if I actually pre ordered the argon and didn’t know it. But then I looked at the price and I didn’t pay the pre order price. So if it isn’t a pre order, but is almost taking two weeks to just ship, what could be the problem?

The available devices need to be sent out to preorder customers before any standard orders can be satisfied. Since not all preorders are out yet, you’ll have to join the queue.

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Regarding the “usually ship within…” statement – that is our standard shipping time, but the mesh device pre-orders are not “standard”. Furthermore, the pent-up demand means that it will take a little while for us to be able to attain the “two business days” fulfillment time, after the pre-orders are all shipped and we have more devices in our inventory. I know that’s not ideal, but it’s the reality of what we’re going through.

I have another customer that ordered an Argon earlier this month – roughly the same time as you – and there was (and still is) a message on the ordering page that says those orders will be fulfilled in late December.