Argon + iOS Setup SDK =?


Hi All,

I setup a fresh iOS app in XCode to use the Particle Device Setup SDK and made a simple app that triggers the setup process. Works great except… The setup instructions are for Photon NOT for Argon, which is the board I am targeting.

I’d like to provide users with a way to set up their Argon device using the built in SDKs, however I don’t see a way to do this. What are my options?

One thing I am considering now is just writing my own setup by communicating over BLE or similar. This isn’t ideal, because I’ll basically be rewriting all of the functionality of the setup sdk.



Mobile SDKs for Android and iOS are scheduled for the 2nd quarter of 2019.

The current device setup SDK does not support Gen 3 devices (Argon, Boron, Xenon). While you could reverse engineer the setup process from the open-source Particle mobile apps, the Gen 3 setup process by BLE is not documented at this time, so it would be difficult to replicate.


Hi Rick,

Since the process works over BLE, is there the possibility of supporting this API in kits like Ionic? For my particular application the javascript API provides enough capability to manage my device with the exception of device setup.

This could be accomplished by publishing the API in a format cordova can use. I suspect this could be useful for other customers as well.


We haven’t discussed adding support for Ionic or any similar 3rd party frameworks, so I can’t comment on that, but I would strongly advise against reimplementing setup lib for argons. Why? It’s magnitude more complicated than it is for Photon. It took us good few months to get it working and it relies on series of commands being sent in the right order :). We have already added support for 3gen setup to our tinker app which is open source ( The 3rd gen setup code is quite isolated and you could possibly use that in your own app, but as Rick has mentioned - we don’t have official SDK for that out yet.


Hey @jls, since you mention Ionic I’d like to ask:
have you had any luck in using the Particle javascript SDK in Ionic 4?
I was able to make it work in Ionic 3 but having issues with Ionic 4 (and Angular 7).
If the answer is more than yes/no I’m ok to open a new topic so I don’t change course on this one (more than this question).