Are comment blocks supported?

While porting the BlinkM library I ran into what looks like a parsing issue. The following comment block is being interpreted as actual code:

 * actually can't do this either, because twi_init() has THREE callocs in it too
static void BlinkM_reset()
  twi_init();  // can't just call Wire.begin() again because of calloc()s there

The error I get when verifying the code in the current web IDE is:

error: 'has' does not name a type

The error refers to the has immediately following because twi_ini() - removing the line with has will result in a new error:

error: expected unqualified-id before 'static'

Removing the entire comment block allows the code to compile. Commenting each line will do the same.

So I guess the real question is: are comment blocks supported, or is this indeed a bug? If it’s a bug, which github repo gets the issue?

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It’s a bug! Has to do with our pre-processor that turns “Arduino” into C++. We’ve already got this on our backlog because we noticed the same thing, so don’t worry about reporting; bug has been documented. Thanks for the feedback!