Sprint 4: Wow, much reliable, so better

On Friday we wrapped up Sprint 4 and made a variety of changes and improvements to the Spark Cloud and the Spark Core firmware. To read about the latest:



We-we-we so excited, we so excited, we gonna have a ball today!

Haha, very nice update!

Would someone please elaborate on which little things might be fixed in the web compiler so we’ll know what workarounds we don’t need to do anymore? Reverse engineering is only fun the first time :wink: Thanks!

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Compiler fixes:

  • The pre-processor now correctly ignores multiline comments (so functions inside comments are ignored properly)
  • The pre-processor now correctly ignores comments in strings, (so urls in strings will now work properly)
  • warnings as errors “-Werrors” flag was removed from user build
  • update internal version tagging on builds
  • other internal maintenance

I’ll try this when I get home and see if it solves my I2C timing / reliability issues. I didn’t se anything specifically mentioned about it - but hope springs eternal :smile: