Appropriate Power Supply for Argon

I am planning on using the 3.3V output pin on Argon. On the data sheet, it says I need to account for the current needed by Argon as well, how can I calculate it? I am planning on using a 3.7V coin battery, do I need a higher voltage?

Thank You

Are you planning on using the 3.3V output pin to power the Argon?

The Argon requires 500mA - current availability will be specified by the battery manufacturer. Current is different from voltage. It is better to ensure that your battery can provide more than enough current, not less (insufficient current is bad).

Please note the specifications here. 3.7V might be on the high side, especially because you have to disable the regulator in order to connect input to 3V3. Maybe the Li+ pin would be more suitable for your need here, which can accept a DC source rated between 3.6 to 4.2 VDC.

We do not recommend using a coin cell battery with the Argon. The maximum recommended current draw from a CR2032 is 100 mA, which is less than is required by the Argon.

Furthermore, a CR2032 has a capacity of around 200 mAh, which if running continuously (not using sleep modes) will last for about 4 hours, assuming an average usage of 50 mA at 3.6V.

It is possible to power a Xenon from a coin cell battery.