Anyone need a Spark Maker Kit w/ Chip antenna?

I didn’t know where or if I could post this here, so please excuse if I’m violating any terms…

I bought the Spark Maker Kit w/ Chip antenna and I just can’t find the time to tinker and learn. So I thought I could offer it for sale to someone here who may be interested or have a need. I paid $115.96.

It hasn’t been used in any other project than connecting and making an LED blink, lol. I can accept payment through Paypal. My email is Please write me if you are interested and would like to make an offer.


ooooooohhhhhh that’s sad to know :cry:

Between work and being a new parent, haha… Not much room for play lately! :slight_smile:

Keep it and you will have time to mess with it!

Or make it a point to create a monitoring device (sort-of) stuff for your new born.

Take care @BLL! :wink:


congrats on the new baby! if you don’t get a chance to make something great with your spark maker kit, i hope you find someone who does.