Any way to read access logs?

I wanted to check when was my spark core on and was comunicating - are there any logs I can access?

I know that i can make my software to message me when i want - but i have no access my device first and i have currently no physical access to it, and it turns on at random times.

That’s an interesting question. I don’t believe there are any logs at present, but sounds like a good idea for an opt-in service. cc: @Dave, @jgoggins


Hey @chanibal,

I’ll be rolling out a cloud update soon that will auto-publish private messages for your cores when they come online / offline, and I’ve started to think again about a deferred flash feature, where you could store a firmware to be flashed as soon as your core comes online for exactly these scenarios. Would that help?

If you’re really stuck, we can help more, but generally I like to sprinkle occasional published events into my firmware to help trace / debug.



Hey @chanibal , One other thing worth mentioning here is that we’re working on fleet management tools which will likely have a logging capability to help debug things in the field, without physical access.


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