Any way to magnify Wifi for photon

Like many people I am trying to build one of those smart garages but I have an issue because in my garage (I am sure this is true for others as well) the wifi is poor. My photon is constantly disconnecting and reconnecting, making the smart garage not work. How do I work around this, and is there anyway to magnify the wifi? Thanks.

Hi aduca, I had a similar issue collecting temperature data from one end of my works to the other. I found the a powerline adapter such as this

worked very well. Do you have mains power to your garage? The other answer is to go for a cellular connection and use a particle electron that bypasses Wifi totally.


I will check out both, and I totally forgot about the possibility of using the electron that might work well I will see.

Why not use a more powerful external antenna, considering that’s what the socket is for…?

What @Moors7 suggests…I use one of these successfully and you can get one for around $2. Worth trying before going through other efforts.

My single observation was that once you plug it in the Photon automatically switched to it, but this behavior if accurate and repeatable would be at odds with the reference documentation. To be sure, you need to define the use of the external by adding