Antenna selection


I am trying to choose what’s the best antenna in terms of range for my device.

Can someone recommend me the right choice?

I only care about range.

As you only care about range you could try a parabolic grid antenna like this.

But i’m guessing you have some other parameters other than range.


This actually helps a lot !!

However I was hoping in terms of what’s available in the particle store :blush:

Sorry left yourself wide open for that it was impossible to resist.

Anyway the “More Info” link on the antennas on the store page gives you all the info you need.

Both antennas have a gain of 2 DBI and should give you similar range results. So it just depends on how the project is going to be enclosed. If you going to use a metal box for instance the duck antenna attached to the outside of the box is the way to go.

If your using a plastic case then you can use the flex antenna and mount it to the inside of the case.

@frlobo Just buy both the antennas they offer and test both of them out to see which one works best for your application. I ordred both for testing also but haven’t had any time to run test yet.

I’m guessing the Duck antenna will be best but you never know without testing them against each other.

Thank you!

I will try the duck antena attached to my metal case…

And @RWB will try both of them to see what works best in similar conditions.