Antenna for E-Series E402 (LTE)

Hi there,

We are currently using the Electron devices in our products with good results. We are looking to switch over to the E-Series to streamline production. In doing so I wanted to get confirmation on a couple questions all related to antennas and FCC certification. I’ve read the documentation on the E-Series and Electron Datasheets concerning certification. I’ve also read the very helpful forum post here: Final FCC certification for product containing an electron "modem"?

We’re interested in using the E402 version (LTE), can anyone confirm the ublox model used on this? From my research it looks like it must be the SARA-R410M-02B.

Do the FCC certifications listed on the E-Series page hold true for the E402 version?

To confirm the FFC regulations, the device is certified for use with an antenna of same type and equal or lesser power?

In this case that would be the Taoglas PC104.07.0165C antenna listed on the E-series Datasheet? I ask because that sheet doesn’t seem to have updated info on the E402 version.

Are there any other certified antennas to use with the E402? Or, do you any recommendations for alternative antennas of similar type and power level that have been tested with the E402?

Thanks in advance!

The E Series E402 LTE model does use the u-blox SARA-R410M-02-B.

There is a different certification for the LTE model, but it looks like it’s not on the website so I’ll have to track it down. It is certified.

The LTE models use a different antenna, the Taoglas FXUB63.07.0150C. That is the only antenna that the LTE devices have been certified with.

It’s important to use this antenna instead of the PC104.07.0165C because there are two LTE bands that are out of the range of the PC104.07.0165C (700 MHz and 2700 MHz).


@rickkas7 Can this be a possilbe differnet anttena to use: Laird Revie Flex (EFF692SA3S)?

This would only be for North America though and it has less peak gain then the Taoglas one so certification should still apply.