Announcement: New Particle Reset Button

Do you have a problem with your hardware device? Have you tried turning it off and on again?

Turning things off and on again is the backbone of society. Every day around the world days are saved and products are fixed by simply turning devices off and then on again.

But turning something off and on again takes time. It takes effort. It takes concentration. In this busy world we’ve got none of that.

Luckily, Particle is here to save your day with the Particle Reset.

Particle Reset is a big red button that turns your devices off and then on again. No more wasted time and energy. No more sore fingers and tired minds.

Say goodbye to extra effort. Reset your projects to reset your life.

April Fools!


HEHEHE nice one, I need a few!!

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What’s the availability?? I need a whole bunch of these for my family. Now instead of saying “did you try rebooting”, I can just say “hit the big reset button”! Particle, you always anticipate what’s really needed in the marketplace :wink:

They should be available by February 30, 2023!