Boron: Is daily System.reset() good hygiene?

Quick question for Borons that are always connected to the Particle Cloud and always running their "loop" with the following enabled:


Would a built-in daily System.reset() be good overall hygiene?

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@sensorcheck ,

This is a great question.

I have devices that are set up like this and have run for years without a regular system reset.

My preference is only to reset for a reason as resetting can bring its own issues. I look for things like: running low on memory, persistent connectivity issues, sensor malfunctions and then decide if a reset might fix the issue.

Interested to learn about what others think.




I started resetting the system monthly, years ago before joining this forum. My reasoning for this was that I was not sure I was coding well enough to deal with millis() and allow it to rollover properly, among other things.

@rickkas7 posted a tutorial about properly coding to handle rollover:

I adopted the techniques he and others talked about on the subject (thanks for that!). But, you know, I still kept performing the monthly reset in firmware, for the most part.

Another thing I do is enable an outOfMemoryHandler() and reset when an error flag occurs. Here is a posting which was valuable reading to me:

Thank you to all for the contributions!


I do have my devices reset once a week, just in case I have a memory leak. Since the cellular connection stays active during a System.reset(), reconnection normally just takes a few seconds, which is fine in my application.


oh, that's a very cool detail to know. Thanks


I also do the same, but I was embarrassed to admit it again publically.
I'm not embarrassed at all now......somewhat proud :grinning:


Does device reset also cause device console statistics to be reset? I think yes, which is a good thing for understanding how much elapsed time such statistics as cloud disconnects represents.

For all of the reasons given I'm testing a daily reset. Since thanks to all contributors!

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