ANNOUNCEMENT: Introducing the Photon


great thanks.


Hi, what’s difference between “headers” and “no headers” when ordering Photon?


The pins on the sides. If you order with “headers”, it will come with male headers on both sides that can be plugged into a breadboard (the same as the current Core). If you order “without headers”, it will come without those male headers, and it can be soldered down to a circuit board directly (the final version will have castellated edges).


Will the photon support PEAP protocol wifi? (thus eduroam login? :slight_smile: )


I can’t say for certain, but some quick research on the underlying Wi-Fi chipset suggests that no, it will not. I say this only because I can’t find any mention of the BCM43362 or “Broadcom WICED” and “PEAP” on the same website anywhere on the internet.


Does this mean that the Usercode will run even if the Cloud disconnects and your in AUTOMATIC_MODE??

If so I’ll be super happy


Almost definitely, because we’ll actually be running multiple threads with FreeRTOS, instead of just faking it like we do now.


Sweet! Do you happen to have a pic or anything of the P1?


Have a look at the store, it’s there :wink:


Thanks… I missed that one somehow…


@zach any info about this? :smile:


Can you describe in detail what will the WiFi setup process be to join an access point?


@frlobo, this is for another product but it’s a possible scenario:


Sure - when the Photon is plugged in, it comes up as an access point. From a computer or smartphone, you connect to that access point and then send your Wi-Fi SSID and password. It will then reset and connect as a client to your access point.

We will have our own iOS and Android apps for doing the setup process, along with a mobile SDK for creating your own mobile apps for your own projects/products.


@zach, would it be thinkable to have a WinPhone version aswell - I’m still waiting for the WP Tinker App of @justinmy


Well thanks for that. I opened my emails this morning to read a special offer…

TODAY ONLY: Get a free Photon when you buy a Spark Core! (U.S. Only)



Looking at the specs, I’m not sure why you would buy a Core now over a Proton. What is the benefit to buying a Core now over a proton? Is there any more benefit besides not having to wait until March to get a Photon?


@AlexMiller, one benefit is that you can start development on the Core now in anticipation of the Photon. Get your feet wet as they say! :smile:


Sorry @scargill! We’d love to offer the same deal to our international customers, but it’s too expensive for us to cover free shipping for the Photon internationally. We are looking to set up more distributors in Europe so hopefully you’ll see more distribution options soon!


As @peekay123 said, the advantage is getting started early! But from a spec perspective, the Photon does kind of blow the Core out of the water.