ANNOUNCEMENT: Introducing the Photon


Hey - this is a great deal, if you already have projects with the current core, this is a great way to add another core to your inventory - use on your next project and then get a free photon in March!

@zach - thanks for making this available? Any deals on the P0 or P1?

How about purchase a P1 and get another for free :wink:


just the one deal for now; maybe others later :slight_smile:


@Steph, @zach & @zachary:
I can’t wait to get my Photons and one or more :wink: Adafruit Spark NeoPixel Ring Kits, but then I thought, if there was still the possibility to squeeze in a proposal for the Adafruit NeoPixel Ring Kit.

I like the ring as it is, but if it was possible to mount the Core/Photon under the ring, the user could put the “active” visible side of the ring to a better use (e.g. adding more NeoPixels, OLEDs, …) and my idea would not even call for a (big) redesign of the PCB.
When using a headerless Core/Photon (or inverted headers pointing up instead of down) you could easily solder/plug the Core/Photon in the same way.
The only minor redesign would be to add three little peek holes to show the RGB-LED and poke the Mode and Reset buttons from above.

What do you think? Would this be a proposal you’d forward to Adafruit?


Thanks @ScruffR! Happy to share your feedback with the folks at Adafruit and see what they think :slight_smile:



And while you’re at it - more (as many as possible) proto holes would be handy, too :wink: :blush:


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Some feedback from our friends at Adafruit:


Obviously our Adafruit friends are not aware of the headerless Photon that’s coming :wink:
And maybe customers don’t care if it doesnt sit flat on the table - e.g. on their own video they had a blob of hot glue and a LiPo behind the device :wink:
They even put in mounting holes, which would suggest that they’ve planned for more than just table top mount, or not :wink:

And since it’s only three extra holes (or more if they’d go for the protoboard idea to add surplus value) and shifting one trace slightly to the side the user could still go for the table top usage by putting the Core/Photon on as it is at the moment.
My suggestion would give the user freedom of choice (top, bottom, with or without sockets) - I guess customers would appreciate this more, than having others think for them and deprive them of the right of decission.

I don’t quite get their hesitance :question: :thought_balloon:

@zach: Any news from Adafruit after this “new” input?


Spark core is limited with 8 variables. How about new Photon? Can I have more?


Just wondering if the Spark Photon is going to be FCC-certified :smiley:


Yes, the Photon has more memory, so we will be relaxing this constraint, and I believe @mdma’s plan is that this will be dynamic, so there will be no hard cap. @mdma, is that right?




Great news! Would this relaxed or removed constraint apply to function count as well? What about increased variable and function argument length?


@ScruffR It would not be difficult to layout and build a neopixel board similar to the adafruit version. I would design it to have a on-board USB and around the P1. That way it could lay flat and still be programmable.

Any interest? The WS2812 can be as low as $0.13 each, the board will probably be the most expensive part :smile:


Yes it would apply to the function count; not sure about the argument lengths


Yep, that’s right! We’ll remove the hard limit on the number of variables and functions. Function and Publish argument lengths will remain the same.


I’d definetly be interested :+1:



Will it also be possible for us to customize easily the website it comes up when configuring?


It will not be a website, but rather an API that is directly accessed by our open source mobile apps. However we will definitely be making it much easier to customize the new app than the current app.