Cyber Monday deal: for international customers too!

Hey guys! This morning we announced a Cyber Monday deal: for today only, purchase a Spark Core for immediate delivery and receive a Photon for free when it ships in March!

To get the deal, make a purchase from the Spark Store before tonight at 11:59pm PST:

If you’re outside of the U.S., you can still get a deal; we’ve lowered the price of our Prototyping Bundle on the Spark store to $39 (normally $50). This gives you a Core and a Photon for the price of just a Core, but with a higher shipping price that covers the cost of two international shipments. This option will give you a discount regardless of where in the world you’re located.

We made the original deal U.S. only because we couldn’t afford to cover the shipping cost for the free Photon internationally. However, we got some feedback that we heard loud and clear, so we’ve opened up an option for our international customers too.

Thanks for your feedback and all your support!

  • Zach and the Spark team

Hi @zach

As the moment your site is still saying that your having trouble with your e-commerce provider and that people should try back later.

As it’s getting late for me (I’m in Switzerland) and I wanted to get the international Cyber Monday deal I went ahead anyway and tried to make an order. And it worked fine :slight_smile: I got a confirmation email and can look it up on trycelery. So maybe you can remove the warning? I wouldn’t like you guys to be missing out on orders unnecessarily. Having said that - DNSimple (the root of trycelery’s problems) is still not reporting an all clear so maybe I was just lucky.

Hey @ghawkins - the content should be updated now, but if not, the old content might be cached - try clearing your browser cache. In any case, thanks for the heads up!

Shame I cant cancel my order and reorder to get the discount, still waiting on my bundle to ship after a week of “processing” :frowning: