ANNOUNCEMENT: Introducing the Photon


What does it mean Soft AP?
What’s the difference between Soft AP and SmartConfig?


Good Question!! I’d like know too


with SmartConfig the app sends some magic packets over the air that the core picksup. its nice, but doesnt always work (5GHz / MiMo APs). with SoftAP, the core becomes an accesspoint to which your phone can connect to configure the core.


A quick look at the Photon Eagle file shows that the P0 has an lqfp-like footprint with additional ground pads in the middle and corners.
How should this be soldered, is it reflow only?
The part name is WM-N-BM-09, is it the same as / compatible with the USI part?


Yes, reflow only; we’ll be adding castellated edges to the Photon so that you can mount it to a board by hand (it doesn’t have any components on the bottom, unlike the Core).

The hardware is identical to the BM-09.


Yes sir! They will come pre-programmed so that once you populate them into your product they can be easily used/reprogrammed via bootloader OTA/DFU or JTAG.


Cool, thanks. Is there a datasheet for it somewhere? Couldn’t find it in the photon repo or online.
The BM-02 seems to have Bluetooth and FM receiver support…
Maybe I should just be patient and wait.

#70 might have the answer :slight_smile:


Will the new platform will have independent execution of the loop.
Are communications driver will be a non-blocking, and allows independent execution of the program. According to me this one is very important especially for applications where in case of failure of communication, will lead to a halt of the execution of the program. Do you think this can solve with RTOS or similar?


Great question. The Photon will in fact be running FreeRTOS to coordinate resources between the communication stack and the user stack.


Great job guys:
My Spark wish list in order was

  1. more RAM - tick
  2. more reliable WiFi - tick
  3. faster - tick
  4. DAC - tick

You’ve answered all my wishes and more besides - I can’t wait till March.


Will the photon support WPA2 Enterprise networks?


@codeisvek, i looked at a general BCM43362 application and it seems like the chip supports that. Also, it’s widely used in many applications so that should be support.

Just thinking it’s more like the implementation in software that might be challenging but that’s just my understanding! :wink:


@codeisvek & @kennethlimcp My current understanding is that the Photon, P0, and P1 will not support Enterprise networks. If we find out it’s possible, we’ll let you know!


In the email I got, the features image has “CAN YES” but it is not in the features image here… So will there be support for a CAN bus?


yes, there is a CAN bus!



I can’t say enough good things about the price point you guys are at on the Photon and P0/P1 devices. Finally we might see well connected devices at a more reasonable price point.


does this chip (or the firmware actually) support static ip, as the cc3000 did but the firmware didn’t support it, although i got it working with ugly hacks to the user’s sketch.

just noticed the new esp8266 v095 firmware adds static ip support, so thought i’d ask if the photon does before i make a purchase decision.


Let me add my voice to the list of those blown away by the new Photon. You guys keep making it smaller which makes it even easier for me to integrate. I will be in touch @steph very soon by email for our commercial product.


we have not gotten to the point where we’ve tested this but I would absolutely expect that the BCM43362 should support static IP.