Android app template

Hi there,

Is there an Android template application that talks to Spark Cloud? I know we can make a website with NodeJS and a browser, but a native Android app would be great.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Coming soon! Our iOS app and Android app are in the works and will be released next week; open source projects to follow shortly thereafter :smile:

Why not post tinker source, then android users can poke around inside that while waiting for templates.

You already have the RC car source posted for iOS users to poke around in.


I agree. Something like the tinker source would be a good idea.

I created a simple android app based on retrofit lib with help from a friend,
This app pulls temperature and humidity data from my spark connected to a dht22 sensor.

Hi Chambu,

Your App is a nice starting point. I tried it and it works like a charm


you really should thank square for the jar :smiley: