Android App Guide for Particle Photon

Hi, I need to make a real basic app for my Photon and I don’t have app making experience. The official Photon guides only have information on iOS app creation but the Android App guide is nonexistent/coming soon. I was wondering if there were any alternatives I could look to for information? Any help would be appreciated.

These references seem quite extensive to me:
That said, I can imagine it to be difficult to start. In all honesty, I do not think this is where you should be looking to start learning how to program mobile apps. Though it’s possible, I’m pretty sure there are better resources for that on the web.
Depending on your needs, you could look into using appinventor, which might make the whole thing a bit easier.

if using already made apps can be in your plans, you can take a look at the following:
1- Porter. Some example projects here and here.
2- Blynk. Example project here.

They are both pretty good.