analogWrite always sends 3.15v

I have a simple program which is using analogWrite to drive a voltmeter. When I use tinker, I can set the ouput range from 0-4095 and the voltmeter responds appropriately. From within my program, however, it seems to send 3.15V no matter what value I specify.

int patientMeter = A3;

I am using A3 because it uses the DAC to give a true voltage, not PWM.

void updateMeter() {
    int analogValue = 0; // 0-4096 for analog write
    if (include_obs) {
        analogValue = admits_and_obs * 160;
    } else {
        analogValue = admits * 160;
    pinMode(patientMeter, OUTPUT); 
    analogWrite(patientMeter, analogValue);
    Particle.publish("updateMeter", String(analogValue));

Note that the publish command shows the correct value for analogValue

If it helps at all, the output was as expected when I used tinker.