Analog Sensors (any additional electronic component)?

I will buy 4 of these kind of sensors ::

Is it necessary to buy an extra electronic component to maintain reliable data?

When only using the Vgas output you should not need anything else.
If you intend to use the Vtemp and/or Vref outputs you may need to test whether the input impedance of the Boron’s ADCs is high enough - otherwise you may need to buffer the signal.


Hi @jonamleonel -

By chance I was looking at air quality sensors a couple of days ago. From what I could gather, IF and only IF you buy the module as per your link, you should be fine without any extras. If you opt for the sensor as a component (ULPSM-CO 968-001), will will need a couple of resistors and capacitors, all which you can see on the photo on the data sheet.

I have not tested these as I will be going with a different sensor from this range (still to be determined) but my guess it it should be ok. I agree with @ScruffR. You should be able to easily test before adding any unnecessary hardware :slight_smile:

Hope this helps!!

Hello @ScruffR , what about using I2C Analog to Digital converter
like this:

Could I get more reliability and accuracy?

Yup, a 16bit ADC will probably provide more precision for analog readings.

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