Adding library into Workbench


Hi there,

I’m trying to get Workbench up and running, and am having trouble with importing a library.

I made a folder to hold my project, and created a new project in the new folder.
I now want to add a library: JsonParserGeneratorRK

I made a new folder: lib, on the same level as my src folder, and put a folder for the individual library in it called JsonParserGeneratorRK.

inside that I added the files: JsonParserGeneratorRK.h and JsonParserGeneratorRK.cpp

When I try to import the library, I get the error: The access token provided has expired.

How do I get a new access token?


OK, got it!

I had not logged in, so the Access tokens were not being used.


And… I was making it much harder on myself than it needed to be.

Once I was logged in, the install library command with the correct library name took care of everything without adding in the folders and files for the library manually


glad you found your way. sorry for the bumps :+1:

fwiw, i have a work item to improve error handling / reporting in those scenarios (cli-driven commands like login / logout, cloud flash, etc). for now, keep an eye out for notifications (the bell icon in vscode’s status bar bottom-right) and when in doubt click “view log”.