Add Operating system ??

Operating system
Consider adding the operating system to spark it, add Contiki, liunx other operating systems on the STM32??
Can having?

Hi @linjinxing - what are you looking to do? Contiki and Linux are two very different beasts that serve very different purposes :slight_smile: Our stack is, I suppose, an alternative to Contiki, whereas Linux would not run on a micro-controller such as this.

PC Duino and Intel Galaxy have that covered. They both run Linux.

Right, but neither of those is a microcontroller platform; both are full-on computers.

There was a great discussion before as well about running a RTOS, which would be really interesting on a slightly beefier version of the Core.

I have a Spark Core running under CoOS, a small operating system that comes part of the free CoIde suite from CooCox. It is, however, quite a radical deviation from the current Spark code base and build mechanisms. It is still a work in progress, based on Spark code from about a month ago. As I’ve decided to use my own cloud, I’m in the process of removing the Spark Cloud and replacing it with my app specific features. so, lots of cleanup work left to do!

This is a R&D project I’m working pin to see if the Spark Core is viable for a BT 2.1 to Internet gateway interface for a specific BT enabled device. .


Nuttx looks like Linux, it has pthreads and runs on the core - See Alan started and I finished the port

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