What is software Architecture, Is there an OS?

I have programmed the Arduino before and have found for most things wiring is too dumbed down for my taste and I usually bypass it. What I wanted to know was does the core run any OS and we are letting the user run wiring on top of it? A uC linux for example? or is it more like the 8 bit Aurdino micros where the code is all that runs on the device. Are their any architectural documents/diagrams? Can the core run a microLinux?

@David_s5 in this thread https://community.spark.io/t/porting-nuttx-to-spark-core/252/33 has ported http://nuttx.org/ to run on the Spark Core! So if you wanted something more like an Operating System, that’s a great option!

@jshanab To add to @Dave’s response, the current state of the Core is that it works like an Arduino, running a single application. NuttX has already been ported, and we’re working on a FreeRTOS port as well. As far as micro-linux, I’d love to see it, if you’re interested in tackling a port!

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