Add new wifi with the app without access to the 'reset' or 'setup' button on the photon board

I have made a cube with a photon and some buttons inside of it. To make it work without using any cables I made sure I used a battery and battery shield. Doing this brings up a few problems tho.

First of all, I can’t recharge the battery since the cube is sealed.

Secondly, I can’t add a new wifi network since I have to press the physical reset or setup button on the board itself. I use the Particle app in my previous configs and just held the setup button so it would search for a new network which I then setup on the app

My question is: Is there a way to get the photon into ‘wifi searching mode’ wirelessly so when I take my cube to a new location, I don’t have to open it up (which i can’t) to add the new wifi?

Or maybe there is another way of changing/adding new wifi to the photon board wirelessly?

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