Add analog or digital pins to Boron

Hi, we’re planning to use a Boron LTE (not the SoM) in a deployed environment where it will need to communicate with approximately 2 dozen sensors and switches (about half analog, half digital). The obvious problem I need to solve is how to add more pins - is there a recommended best practice/solution here?

I would use an I2C or SPI IO Expander.

  • For 8 GPIO using I2C: MCP23008 with this library. There’s also an SPI version of this chip, but the library does not currently support it. You can add up to 8 chips for more GPIO. This tutorial is for the Tracker, but it’s easily adapted for the Boron.
  • Or use the MCP23017 for 16 GPIO on one chip, but you can add fewer of them.
  • For analog, I like the ADS1015, but there are many I2C and SPI ADCs available. This tutorial is for the Tracker, but it’s easily adapted and actually has both a ADS1015 and a MCP23008 on the board. The ADS1015 supports 4 single-ended or 2 differential ADCs and you can add 4 on a single I2C port (along with the digital IO expanders).

Hi Sam,
on top of the options mentioned by Rick above, I’d like to add that if you need something ready to go, or even as a prototype, you can take advantage of boards like this one:




Thanks Gustavo and Rick. This might be a dumb question Gustavo, but the link on that board says: “this is a nodeLynk device, it will require a nodeLynk Master Adapter for proper operation.” Does that mean I need something else to make this work? Is there a good resource for quickly getting up to speed on how all this works? I am new to a lot of this, thanks.

Hi, the way to use this board is to connect it to the Particle device via the I2C port.
They provide a library for it, with examples for Particle, here:

Once setup and initialized properly, reading the inputs can be “as simple” as (there’s always complications in hardware and software, that’s the reason for the quotes):

int inputStatus = relayController.readAllInputs();

You can read more about I2C here:

You may have some reading to do.
If you get lost, just keep asking questions. You can do this.

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