Adafruit VEML 6070

Hey all,

I’ve been experimenting with some of Adafruit’s weather data sensors recently, and they’ve all been going pretty smoothly. However, Adafruit has yet to port the library for the VEML 6070 uv sensor.

What I’m wondering is, how plausible is it to add the VEML 6070 UV sensor to my current I2C setup w/out using its arduino library?

I’ve tried setting the pin address manually (the VEML has two, very confusing), but when I publish the output, the log posts a stream of null values, so I must be doing something wrong. Full disclosure: if you couldn’t tell from the nature of my post, this is all relatively new to me!

Maybe you can share the link to the Arduino library and we can see to porting it x)

I have ported the library and it should work :smile:
You can find it under Adafruit_VEML6070 in Particle Build


Now it is also visible for everyone :slight_smile: Sorry, I have forgotten to make it public!

Awesome! thanks so much!

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Sorry to bring it up again, but I recently opened the IDE and still couldn’t find the library in the search contents… is it possibly still a private library?

You might need to clear the cash and refresh libraries to see the lib
It’s visible here


Ah I see, thanks!