Adafruit Ultimate GPS built in logging

I’m beginning to work on my first Photon project & having never worked with C++ or any kind of hardware maker stuff before I’m finding it’s all amazingly much simpler than I anticipated.

My first project involves using a GPS module, so after a bunch of reading on here, I bought the Adafruit Ultimate GPS (MTK3339 chipset) module, and got it up & running using TinyGPS. This works great when I have Wifi, but I’m planning to use this to GPS log my motorcycle trips so WiFi won’t be available all the time.

I see that the Adafruit Ultimate GPS does have the ability to log GPS tracks internally, but these functions don’t seem to be exposed in TinyGPS (I guess that’s why it’s tiny), and I didn’t see another GPS module in the library.

I’ve started reading the docs on the “LOCUS” functions to enable/retrieve storing the GPS logs on the Ultimate GPS device & it doesn’t seem too difficult, but then again I’m just getting started at this so maybe I’m just way in over my head.

Has anyone tried to implement these features, and it just doesn’t work for some reason? If no one else is working on this I’ll probably start on it after I finish reading the Maker book & get a few more easier things under my belt.

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You can always use an SD card for logging, or if you don’t mind some more soldering, you could also use an FRAM.
The Photon can go without WiFi if you choose the right SYSTEM_MODE (see docs).
You can also search the forum for “without internet”.

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Thanks for the info. I was hoping to use the built in functions of the GPS module, but reading over it’s details it looks like it will only store 16hrs of log data, so the SD card is probably a better route. I didn’t realize an SD card was an option. I’ll do some reading & try to figure that out.

Thanks for the ideas