Logging GPS data - to the cloud or SD card?

I have a GPS connected to my Photon. I’d like to log the data. I will have intermittent Wi-Fi, at best. I could use the Electron I have sitting here, but it will chew through my data. I could also use an SD card, but that would mean having to get the card and read the data off the card every once in a while.

Is there an easy way to save all my data to the cloud (preferably my own hosted site) if and when a Wi-Fi connection is made? Perhaps I can do this with a webhook, but does the Photon have enough memory to save my data until the next Wi-Fi connection is made?

That depends - what amount of data and offline periodes are you thinking of?

Not neccessarily, your Photon can read from SD too :wink:
Log the data to SD when offline and read data back and publish when online again. Once all stored data got sent clear the SD file again.

Yes loads, and some are discussed in this forum, but for self hosted it’s completely up to what you are comfortable with.