Adafruit TSOP85 IR Receiver breakout board library

I have a little IR Receiver Breakout (TSOP85 - can be seen here that i would love to get it up and running for SparkCore. I tried porting this library that works wonders on my Arduino ( but I am getting some compilation errors that don’t know how to fix:

IR.cpp:19:3: error: ‘PCICR’ was not declared in this scope
PCICR |= 4; // enable PCIE2 which services PCINT18

Does anyone got any luck using a IR receiver breakout board with the SparkCore? Thanks in advance :smile:

@alexstyl, the code is VERY arduino specific in interrupt definition. The code also calls a class function which I am not sure is implemented yet for either Core or Photon. All this to say, the code needs some careful porting.

Do you happen to know if there are any other libraries to use with an breakout board like my own?

I would like to receive IR codes to my core, and I happen to have a IR receiver and an IR breakout board. Is it possible to use any on the Core currently?