Adafruit LED backpack library cant find WProgram.h

I have added the Adafruit LEDBackpack and GFX libraries to my project by including them in the IDE. When I compile it complains about

Adafruit-LEDBackpack/Adafruit-LEDBackpack.cpp:24:23: fatal error: WProgram.h: No such file or directory

    #include "WProgram.h"

Is there some additional include I need? Since the library is included in the “libraries” section I assume it has been ported and tested, right?

So you don’t need that particular include.

Looking at the libraries tab in the webIDE, something is strange in that the library in github looks like it does not include that file but the one in the webIDE. This probably means that the published version is just behind the latest github version and checking on that the version the web is 0.0.1 while the github has 0.0.31.

Perhaps it just needs to be updated by the github owner “beefbowl”. You can leave an issue at github for him to republish. Just click the little cat head next the library name or you can try email at

As a work-around you can copy the files into the web IDE by clicking the little circle plus in the upper right–then you can edit the files if you need to. Github lets download a zip archive of the files if you want to.

I also have a ported Adafruit_LEDBackpack library on my github here. This was the time before there were libraries available in the webIDE and I never put them in the right format for that since I thought it was covered. I know these were working when I last tried them.

Thanks for the information. I looked at the web IDE library again and I saw that there is also a version 0.0.2 available and this one does not have the include problem. However, this one has an even worse problem in that the content of the .cpp and .h files are swapped. The declarations are in the .cpp file and the code is in .h

Looks like I will have to manually include the more recent files from github as you suggested.