Access IBM Watson using Electron 3G


I am planning to upload jpeg images taken by attached camera from Electron 3G to IBM Watson Visual recognition every 5sec which would be 720 images very hour. Does anyone have a crew how to send images to outside of Particle Device Cloud? I am a beginner.


What size images are you thinking of?
RAW or compressed?
What camera?

I have recently written a library for 4DSystems uCamIII with an example that does allow to transfer images via TCP to a NodeJS server.


I am thinking of VGA.
The one you have mentioned, uCAM-III.


640x480 JPG will be between 15KB & 72KB per image and every 5sec will be a tight fit, you’d be virtually permanently sending data.


Thanks for the reply.

That is correct but I thought could save some cellular data:sweat:
Sending image at every 10sec would be fine, too.