File Download to Electron


I’m using the Particle Electron (so cellular) and I’m looking for an existing library that will allow me to download a file from my company server to the Electron in chunks, say 1 or 2 kB. What I am attempting to do is update co-processor firmware via the Electron.

Right now I’m looking into HTTP client libraries and moving down that path. Has anyone else done this successfully. I don’t want to reinvent the wheel if there is something reliable that exists.


@peekay123 created some software for a Photon for me years back that would download image files from a hosted website to a SD card and it worked.

@rickkas7 also has some code on here for downloading from a FTP server to a SD card that worked for me but only for small files. Larger files would not download all the way a lot of the time, by large files I’m talking about 20mb and bigger.

In this thread you can find some code that sends JPEGs via TCP to a server

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