About date time in webhook

Dear forum,

I am using the photon to upload data to a database using the webhooks.

How can I change the published_at": β€œ{{SPARK_PUBLISHED_AT}}” at the webhooks?
Does the photon change the datetime automatically?


It will be the timestamp of the time at which the publish message is sent. (ok this is so hard to read)

Thanks Kenneth,

But if I change country and the photon moves to another place does it update automatically?


The published at time is in UTC, in ISO-8601 format, so it’s not dependent on timezone. For example:


The Z specifies universal time.

I think the timestamp comes from the :cloud: when it receive the publish message so it is independent of location/country.

If i am right, the timestamp is based on Unix time in ISO_8601 format. One example is: 2016-03-30T13:15:53.033Z

See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unix_time

Not so familiar with the terms so i shall ping @wgbartley

OK guys thank you .

Maybe someone from particle can answer us also?

I’m not an official, but I can confirm that it uses UTC/GMT/Zulu time. :smile: