About creating Alexa skill


can anyone please help to create alexa skill. I want to develop alexa skill which will control any devices connected to node MCU esp8266.

First, there are several threads in this forum that already target that topic, so searching for these would be a good starting point.

But most importantly, this is a community focused on the Particle ecosystem and ESP8266 is not (yet) part of that. So there are several other resources to be found via Google too.

However, when I started off with Alexa and the tutorials provided in this forum, that provided me with the necessary understanding of the whole topic to also incorporate my ESP devices.


Another good place to start reading: https://developer.amazon.com/alexa-skills-kit

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I tried the following project

I didn’t have a NeoPixels so I used the simple LED setup as in the Blink the LED project, so I had to make some simple changes to the code and change the Alexa Intents so that it would function correctly.

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