Ability to show the reference documentation in line in wide browser

I am reading the reference documentation found here:


I see that the code fragments are shown to the right of the text when the width of the browser window is wide. When I narrow the window, the code drops to “inline”. Is there some flag or other magic that would allow me to view the code inline in the text even when my browser window is wide?

I can get it to go inline if I just use the zoom tool in the Firefox browser.

Thank you sir … that works. However the obvious side effect is that my fonts get bigger and the text takes up more real estate. My hope was that I could keep the font the same size and that there would be some “listener” or other mechanism in the page (perhaps an option) that would cause the code to be in-lined by user preference. I think the styling to have code shown to the right of the text is ingenious and novel … but its simply “not to my taste”.