[BUG] Web IDE showing `paragraph` before `sentence` property

It looks like the library manager in the web IDE is showing the “sentence” description before the “paragraph” description.
The docs mention that it should be the other way round, which makes that some libraries that have both fields populated in their properties file, have a weird sounding description.

Couldn’t find a github repo to post a bug-report, so trying here.

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Which way? Your topic title and first sentence in the post contradict eachother.
Can you point us to the respective portion of the docs?
The sentence is meant to act as kind of caption/head line and the paragraph would elaborate on that.

The behaviour is supposed to be the way you describe as wrong in the first sentence and hence the behaviour you describe in the topic title is obviously wrong.

Issue reports that won’t fit in any of the other repos can be filed here

My bad, I flipped it in the body of my post, the tittle is the current (wrong) situation.

‘paragraph’ is shown before ‘sentence’

docs here say

paragraph A longer description to be shown in the details page of the library. This is always shown after sentence so start with the second sentence of the description.

I’ll open an issue at particle-iot/cloud too, thanks for pointing me in the right direction!

Looks like it was already reported about two years ago: https://github.com/particle-iot/cloud/issues/15

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