A4, PWM & tinker


I finally started working with my Spark Core today. I made a circuit board based on the docs and everything seems to work well, with one oddity. All the docs say pin A4 is a PWM capable pin, but Tinker lists it only for analog read.

Which is correct?


@penumbra what do you mean with “Tinker” lists it only as analog read?
Do you mean the Spark app - which talks to the Tinker firmware?

If so, then I guess you might be using the iOS version which I can’t test. But my Android version reports all four options for A4 (analogRead, analogWrite, digitalRead, digitalWrite) and they all work on my Cores (A2, A3 do not provide analogWrite option, but D0, D1 do instead).

Edit: @BDub what coincidence you’ve answered this exactly the same time :wink:

PWM definitely works on A0, A1, A4, A5, A6, A7, D0, D1. I believe there are some bugs in the apps (android / iphone) so this sounds like one of them! :wink:

Sorry, it looks like I wasn’t clear. The iOS version of the App doesn’t allow PWM for A4. I moved my circuit around, so not a problem for me.

While that seems like an iPhone app bug, the A4 can indeed output PWM. I’ll add that as a bug to the app backlog.