A VERY Basic Internet Button Setup Outline

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Let’s first establish an agreement that we’re not actually connecting the Internet Button here, we’re connecting the Photon that’s plugged in to it. Actually, you can take it out of the button for the setup process if you want to, it’s entirely unnecessary for it to be in a dormant shield.

Once you’ve got the Photon in your hands (whether or not it’s in the IB), you can follow the existing guides for getting a Photon connected.

There’s no such thing as “the photon library” and mixing that up with the existing “libraries” might make things more confusing than need be. Let’s stick to “web IDE” or “Build” for the online development environment.

Again, please refrain from using other terms for the well established “web IDE/Build” since that will only make matter worse.
The lists of statuses can also be found in the Docs, which is where I’d start off when trying out a new board, or when in need of information: https://docs.particle.io/guide/getting-started/modes/photon/

It really doesn’t matter to what power source you plug the Photon into, much less if that device has wifi or not. It just needs power. Stick it into a portable battery pack if you’re feeling like it.
It’ll blink dark (pure) blue when it hasn’t got any WiFi credentials, and blink Cyan when it’s attempting to connect to the cloud.

I’ll assume you mean the “devices” button which will take you to the devices tab. There you can claim a device if, and only if, it’s online and breathing cyan. The phone app should do the claiming for you. The CLI can do that with particle device add [ID], if the device is online and breathing cyan.

Just some thoughts.

Thank you for your contributions to the forums with the product Photon and an available shield the Internet Button. Also thank you @Moors7 for helping to clarify his post as well. I am going to close this post because there’s no need for further discussion.


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