A small question, Photon version, which one i should use?

Hi Guys,

When i download the pcb eagle file of Photon, i found below directory structs:smile:

So, which one i should use ? the last one photon_at7020_2?

oh, i found it , the version 001 is not connected the power to the WifiModule. :smile:

@yuanetking The most recent version of the Photon is photon_v010. @BDub posted an update a few weeks ago, I don’t think there has been any news since.

Here is a thread discussing his latest update.

Hi , @mtnscott,

Thx your reply , I found that thread which is a really long … :smile:

And , As my remember ,the first Photon delivers on March , Are there anyone got it ? Seems the firmware of Photon not commit into Github, then how they test it ?

@yuanetking The Photon March deliveries are delayed to April. The Photon firmware github has not been released to the public yet. The Spark people are currently testing and QA’ng the production firmware / hardware. I’m sure they are busy ramping up for the release next month.

oh, i got it , thanks your clarify , scott. hope the release time ~

I did buy a bunch of photons, but haven’t received any communication regarding a delayed delivery…

@Steph, maybe you can check if a mail was sent to @rlogiacco?: :slight_smile:

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You can see the mail over here, should you be interested. Check your spam filter, perhaps it mistakenly ended up there?

Thanks guys, it has been filtered out: I’ll debug my email rules :wink: