Recommended firmware version for Photon


quick question for this knowledgable community: what is the current recommended firmware version for the Photon?

My reason for asking: I am having some reliability issues with my Photons and I want to make sure I am using the recommended firmware version. I am currently compiling against version 1.1.1. When they are working, the Photons are working really good, but they will freeze or get hung up for no particular reason. An example of this happened just this morning, where one of the Photons froze or got hung up in a sleep state for 6 hours instead of the 5 mins it supposed to. I have coded an application watchdog, but so far it has never been effective, so I am thinking of a hardware watchdog to reset the Photon when something like this happens.
I tried SYSTEM_THREAD(ENABLE) but I was getting some really weird behaviours, especially around updating the code, so I decided to remove that line.

I will double-check my code to ensure no memory leak or obvious bug any way. :smiley:

Thanks a lot in advance,