A good relay board

anyone have a recommendation for a relay board for the spark? most of the ones im looking at are 5v controlled.

i was thinking about using a JD-VCC to isolate a separate 5v input to the relay board…but then i need a 5v power supply.

my goal is to use 3 or 4 relays to mimic pressing buttons on an existing appliance…if anyone has any other ideas on how to get this done, im all ears.

Some logic level fets might do the trick. I believe some can be triggerd to run full power at 1v. This would be controlled using a pwm digital pin.

And could be used later on for led dimming if you changed your mind.

good call.
im probably still gonna need a relay since i want to kick on and off a boiler in a coffee machine based off a PID…still a lot in the works, but should be fun.

This webpage might help :slight_smile:

sweet! thanks.
ran out to radio shack to buy a few mosfets before they closed. got one up and running. love it.
thanks for the advice!

No problem :slight_smile: they have to be the cheapesr and easiest option. And give room to do other rhibgs if you change project. I have mine running my leds as an inline dimmer