8x8 LED Display Connected to Azure Web Site via Spark Core

Having been working on a lot of bits and pieces, I finally tied something together.

  • 8x8 LED Matrix
  • MAX7219
  • Spark Core
  • Ported LedControl Library
  • SparkIODotNet (Open Source .Net Library to Cloud Code)
  • Azure Web Site

Out comes an 8x8 LED Scrolling Sign controlled from a web form hosted on Microsoft Azure.

It is written up on my blog: https://christianloris.wordpress.com/?p=196&preview=true

A short video:

Anybody else using .Net out there with their Spark Cores? Drop me a line.


Cloris, I just received 2 photons and looking forward to getting my sensor data into Azure Table storage. Do you have any good examples of posting data to an mvc api site?

Thanks for your help.