6 Digit Particle Photon WiFi Code (P1)

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Hi All,

We got a few boards in with the Particle P1 chips soldered to them and I’m getting a 6 digit particle WiFi code:

It seems we can sort of fix it by resetting the device, but when we do that both the short and long version of the code show up. E.g. for the photon in the screenshot we would see “Photon-B2UG4X” and “Photon-B2UG” show up.

If we try to connect to the long particle WiFi code the pairing process loops infinitely.

Anyone else experiencing this at all? I’ve checked a few boards and it’s happening on all of them




The 6-digit code has been introduced quite a while back - that’s the current default.
What device OS version are you running?
Are you using the most recent mobile app and/or mobile SDK?


Interesting to know. We’ve had to downgrade all of our devices to Particle version 6.3.0 because of incompatibilities in the firmware that we flash onto the device (7.0.0 ended up soft-bricking the devices).

So if we downgrade first then the WiFi codes should go back to 4 digits I assume?




You can also set the suffix to whatever string you want:

// Change the SSID suffix in listening mode



Yes, that change came with 0.7.0
See here



Thanks for your help @ScruffR and @nrobinson2000