5v analog with saber tooth 2\25 motor control

is there a way to get 5v analog out of any of the out pins of the particle photon so I can control a saber tooth 2/25 motor control?

No, the output of all the gpio pins is 3.3 volts. You could use a level shifter like the 74AHCT125 to get the 5 volts you need.

As I understand this is a logic level shifter not an analog amplifier - the latter would be required to get the 3.3V analog signal ramped up to 5V.

But there would be other means than just amplifying the 3.3V DAC output of a Particle device.

  • PWM a 5V transistor with low pass filter
  • external DAC (like MCP4725)
  • use a different communication feature of the Sabertooth controler (e.g. serial)

I assumed, since the op wrote “any of the pins”, that they were meaning PWM, not true analog. I was answering from my phone on a very slow connection, so I didn’t look up that specific controller.


ok… can you give me some more information on getting the sabor tooth to work whith the photon I am not having any luck at all…

What have you tried?
Have you read up on the serial protocol of the Sabertooth?
Datasheets and suplemental documentation should always be the first instance of inquiry.