Analog 3.3V to 5V level shifting


Hi everyone!!

I need to level shift not a PWM (a transistor will do the job)
…but an analog output from DAC from its 3.3V to 5V

What is the way to go? an op-Amp?

Thank you guys



To be clear, you want the 0-3.3V output of the DAC to be 0-5V and everything in between?

Edit: If the above is true, using google I found the answer quickly. The equation of the link would be 5 = 3.3(1+R1/R2) in your case. Which gives R1/R2 = 0,5152 so roughly 0,5. So R1 would be 1K and R2 would be 2K. :smile:

Edit: Please note that this is an opamp as you suggested, you can only draw a minimal amount of power from opamps. You will have to use a power amplifier to drive things like speakers.


@DanielCuartas, just to add to what @TheHawk1337 said, the op-amp needs to be powered with 5v to work as expected. You should never drive a speaker directly from a Core or Photon pin due to the required current. The same goes with driving a speaker from an op-amp. You can, however use an LM386 op-amp/amplifer that is a great audio amplifer :wink: