5 Volt LCD display


Can I power a 5 Volt segment display like this one

From the Vin Pin if powering the Photon with USB OR do I need to buy a 3.3 Volt LCD display?

Please if possible explain how it should be connected.

Thank you.

Yes you can power it from VIN.

To add to @JumpMaster’s comment

You can power the display off Vin and the communication pins (D0 = SDA / D1 = SCL for I2C) are 5V tolerant.


This should also answer your question of how to connect the thing to the Photon.

Photon -> LCD
Vin       Vcc
GND       GND
D0        SDA
D1        SCL

Depending on the board you might need to add some pull-up resistors to SDA and SCL (to Vcc) 4k7 or so.